Darwin – The Protozoa [part II/IV]

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Observation notes:

Charles Darwin was also captured: But it’s answering his process in freedom, along with the other monkeys. This because he denied his founded treasure. What many don’t know it’s that, for Charles Darwin, the sex was an abominable mystery. Darwin didn’t know when and how the sex appeared. And his explanation, was what turned possible, from creationism an evolutionism. The natural selection of the sex was the explanation of Darwin: the reproductive ones, would be the ones chosen by God: The finality of the Nature it’s the Creationism, the procreation. The maintenance of the seed would be the living proof of the survival of the predestined one: it’s the angle of the “grow thee and multiply thee”: it’s where the viruses are equally angled, in the position LUCA. But it’s known that the viruses aren’t partakers of the cloning: They need, obligatorily, of a new living being to coexist. For not being angle of a replication, the genetical heritage, vertical, from father to son, would fall towards a laterality, for the Tree of Live don’t have indeed a common ancestor. In mode that the position of the actual genetic, it’s equal to the one of Charles Darwin, a half-truth. The bitterness of the beginning in proving its principle, it’s resemblance to the frustration of the book. This did also happen to CERN, to Einstein, and with Newton. The truth, without a beginning, will never find its final. This is the hidden treasure.

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