The Scientist – The Surgery of the Reason

rose66-post-the scientist-the surgery-of-the-reason

Kahmn –He will be moved by the research: will seek at every instant a separation: he will understand as being his experience of life. So the science resumed the human result: X=1. The man it’s the living instrument of his action: death = life: for this, is alive while research, and dead while experience. The death it’s equal to the life in the science.

66—The Research, The Surgery of the Reason: The science it’s a living instrument: it lives of the body which it possesses: needs to obtain knowledge to maintain the judgement alive: needs to kill to attribute properties, to the nature. X=1: the result it’s human: the instrument it’s a body, and will be alive if it is an action.

Enginer –And in this sense, the variable X it’s equal to the research, the scissor; the table it’s the science, in the sense of being the angle between the scissor and the bistoury. When equalities and differences are discussed, in any scientific understanding, it’s being discussed a table: The equality: as much as it is a human attribution to the nature: the result it’s a razor, for being the experience an obtention: invasive: the result will be one to the science, if the research it’s equal to the experience. The scissor cuts the plan, while the bistoury marks the positions.

66— This is the mystery of the tray: that, which served the meat and constructed the table. The science it’s the body: and the spirit, the religion. For this, the science it’s the body: and the idea, the action.

Enginer –The life cannot be interpreted as the manifestation of an occurrence: the result of such thing happens: because the importance of such thing would be always a value obtained from the nature.

Kahmn— The experience it’s the action of the research: the experience it’s the use of its action: the invasion: it will be as much as invasive, as the intention of the research. The science it’s the body of an action: the instrumentality of an idea. X = 1 it’s the cosmological constant of the Science: anything over the table will be equal to one, because there are no formulas in the nature.

God – The Theology it’s the action of the Science, otherwise, there will be just a rat over the table. The science it’s an instrument because it is the body of an action, that makes its movements: would never obtain the certainty of the nature, the surgery of a result, if the man and the rat were not separated in the table.

66—The difficulty of the drawing it’s in the understanding of the action: the result that already existed before being concretized: and this is the understanding of the scientist, the rat: in what he is the object of his own action. That whom sees the nature like this, it’s the Scientist.

Enginer –the surgery of the reason it’s the separation of the nature: this is the intention of the research.

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