What’s been doing Rose66..?

What’s been doing Rose66..?

… Absolutely nothing, Because the nothing is the absolute, and the action its complement. The velocity of the time is the light… . The natural movements are not an action. So, Rose66 went to talk with two of the biggest philosophers of the Relativity, where the humanist perspectives are contextualized in Pitt’s story: Einstein and Kurt Cobain.. . Charles Einstein and Darwin Newton explain to Brad Pitt the physic understanding of God’s logic.

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 1

Ionah –you sir sees at the speed of light, without the light, you wouldn’t see nothing.. millions of particles hit your eyes in nanoseconds as a big explosion: and they collide at the core, its organic accelerator. Are these explosions who form the image. The iris is a detector of subatomic explosions.. your eyes are a machine’s eye..

Pitt –and what’s that there ahead..?

Ionah –there’s the house of the science, the last place where the idea hided itself… for this that the place is so close to heaven… because it’s there that the truth is…

Pitt –you know, I’m an atheist…

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 2

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 3

Ionah –it’s an interruption, the sound doesn’t move in the time.. if so it were, the universe would be fix..

Einstein –what do you sir think..?

Pitt –I don’t know…

Ionah –it was you sir who created the Standard Theory…

Einstein –actually, it wasn’t me…

Ionah –Newton..?

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 4


rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 5

Kurt –hi, Pitt… you came to the sound’s place….

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 6

Kurt –… you’ve seen the place where the sounds are made, in the bonfire… which are the properties of the sound…? The sound is that of which all the things are made. But, what is the sound made of..?


In polarization with these passages, are the fourth part of Depp’s story, and The Being of The Seed Part IV, yet to be published.

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 7Amber –it’s what everybody wants to know, Depp…

Depp –what does everybody wants to know..?

Amber –.. why will you still fuck me…

Depp –I thought so you had died already…

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 8



rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 9

Christ –make a magic for me… transform the night in wine… make of this bonfire a tree..

Kiwa –.. kinoweh and kinowah, the one who doesn’t see and the one who doesn’t talk… the old fire and the young water. .. Achua achua, it was what the fire said to the water: you don’t have how to not be the nature… the bread will never be rock.. You want to stand up over the rock, but your leg hasn’t how to avoid your fall: you’ll go to the ground. .. consume the night as wine and the rock as bread…. . Everything that burns, will fade off.. all that which’s planted, dissolves itself in the wind..

rose66 - pitt einstein - pict- 10


These stories are in four, and they’re interrelated or interdimensioned with other stories, in that which was introduced as markings, and not as a sequential system of indexation.

 So, soon they’ll be posted, after a review.


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